1000 m2 of lighting

Our showroom, high valued in Umbria for its style and design, has always been a reference point for our clients. We do not stand out only for our dimensions, we can vaunt about 1000 m2 of exhibition well divided by typologies, but also for the quality and design of the shown lighting fixtures, designed by the most famous architects and manufactured by the most prestigious brands.

Our showroom well divided by typologies like home lighting design, commercial lighting design, technical lighting and external lighting design, addresses above all privates who extremely need to understand the lighting power of every single lighting fixture and above all directly experience the real quality of products.
Also the professional, visiting the showroom, will be able to find the products the most innovative and trendy to develop his own projects in a prestigious and original way.
Thanks to our qualified personnel, side by side with privates and professionals in the choice of the best lighting engineering solution, the result will be guaranteed.

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Choosing ILLUX means to have at your side a team of people specialized in the lighting sector.
With care and professionalism,
it can offer a complete and accurate technical consultancy,
from the inspection to the complete project,
from the sale of single design objects
to a turnkey supply.